CEL-iN1 Door Mount GSM Intercom.

CEL-iN1 Door Mount GSM Intercom.

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The CEL-iN1 Doorbell Intercom will not only call landlines and mobile phones when the call button is pressed but it can also open and close doors an unlimited number of times during an active call. Used in conjuction with our CEL-iN configured HikVision IP cameras, you'll be able to see and speak to your visitor in real time from any remote location.


With its ability to open and close doors, receiving and dispatching parcels in your absence is an everyday possibilty. The convenience provided by this feature is unmeasurable and makes taking time off work, or visiting the depot to collect after work a thing of the past.


Due to its 2 piece design the CEL-iN1 Doorbell Intercom is one of the smallest GSM intercoms available on the market. At only 5cm wide the external call station can easily replace the existing doorbell push button positioned on the frame of your front entrance making instalation particularly easy. Drilling through bricks and masonry will not be required.


Another benifit of the 2 piece design compared with all in one units is the obvious security advantages. Theft of the external call station serves no practical purpose whatsoever as it is of no use to anyone without the internal control unit. All in one units may sound convenient but If you had to use your £300 smartphone as an intercom would you rather attach the whole thing to your door or just the keypad?


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