CEL-iN1 Door Mount GSM Intercom / IP Camera Kit Mini Dome (twin)

CEL-iN1 Door Mount GSM Intercom / IP Camera Kit Mini Dome (twin)

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The CEL-iN1 Door Mount intercom with 2X mini dome IP camera combination provides video and audio communication with your visitor no matter where you are in the world. As the video demonstrates, you will be able to speak with your visitor and open your garage door from your phone to receive deliveries whilst also watching live real time video at the same time. The advantages of individual cameras compared to cameras that are built into the intercom itself are that you can strategically place any number of cameras wherever you want to suit the required application. The position of the intercom on the door frame is seldom the correct position to install a camera! Door cameras should be mounted high enough not to be covered easily and off to the side so as not to cause silhouetting by direct light from behind your visitor.
Furthermore individual ip cameras have numerous functions that couldn't possibly be housed into the small area allocated for combined camera intercoms, things like numerous infrared led's for crystal clear night vision and configurable zone monitoring for example. Also remember that our intercoms do not share a data network with the camera for the call, it's a separate gsm call which can operate across all bands whilst the video is a separate data stream which can be viewed on demand at any time. So even if you are not in an area with a 3G signal when your visitors presses the button you will never miss the call unlike with 3g or wifi intercoms which lose all functionality if the signal is low or you wonder out of a 3g area altogether.
HikVision cameras will be preconfigured by Celius before dispatch with optimised settings for streaming HD quality video to your mobile phone. In addition to this the installer does NOT require any technical knowledge of IP cameras, routers or computers. Simply plug in the cables as shown in the diagram and Celius will connect to your computer remotely and configure your router's port settings to allow secure access to the cameras from any remote location, including abroad.

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CEL-iN1 Door Mount GSM Intercom.
1 piece(s)
£298.00 / 1 piece(s) *
Preconfigured HikVision DS-2CD2512F-I Mini Dome 1.3MP 3-Axis IP Camera (CEL-iN Series) (Power Options: Without Power Supply)
2 piece(s)
£158.40 / 1 piece(s) *
48V 0.5A POE Injector 10/100Mbps
2 piece(s)
£25.20 / 1 piece(s) *
Cat5e Ethernet Patch Cable 0.5 metres (Blue)
2 piece(s)
£2.04 / 1 piece(s) *
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