Preconfigured HikVision DS-2CD2012-I Mini Bullet 1.3MP IP Camera (CEL-iN Series)

Preconfigured HikVision DS-2CD2012-I Mini Bullet 1.3MP IP Camera (CEL-iN Series)

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This 4mm fixed lens high quality 1.3MP HikVision DS-2CD2012-I IP camera will be preconfigured before dispatch with optimised settings for viewing live video over your smartphone's data network.

Recording is via a separate NVR (network video recorder) or NAS (network attached storage). *HikVision NVR reccomended*

CEL-iN Series drivers prepared in the IP Cam Viewer app will provide instant live viewing on your smartphone at a single touch of the app's icon.

The installer does not require any technical knowledge of IP cameras, computers or routers. Once you have received the camera simply plug in the cables as illustrated in the diagram and allow Celius to remotely connect to your computer for final configuration of your router's port settings. This will allow access to the camera's live image from any remote location receiving a data signal . This one time service is included with all preconfigured HikVision cameras purchased from Celius.


Please note:

If you decide to purchase Chinese HikVision imports not intended for the UK market, Celius will not provide services for upgrading the firmware or configuration of your camera or router for access and video streaming to your smartphone. (Do not expect these cameras to plug in and magically appear on your phone, computer configuration knowledge of the camera, phone and router is required to set them up. There are some sellers of cheaply priced cameras who may not realise this and be unwilling to help you).


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