Monitoring & Alerts

Self Monitored Dialler Alerts


The provisions of monitored security alerts are always a welcome addition to any security system but why would you want to pay for a service that you can do quite adequately yourself free of charge?


If you're under the impression that an armed swat team will arrive at your property every time your burglar alarm is triggered you are very much mistaken! Monitored systems work in two different ways and both have associated monthly or annual fees.


  • 1. Standard monitoring by an independent monitoring centre will notify the key holder or nominated contact when the alarm is triggered and at extra cost may have a service where security personnel will attend.


  • 2. Police monitored systems which in fact are not actually monitored by the police at all but instead are monitored by the same monitoring centre as mentioned above. They will receive the alert, and then call the key holder or nominated contact first to verify if the alert is genuine and only then will the police be alerted. This is unlikely to result in a blue flashing light emergency as 92% of these police attendances are false alarms which may result in penalties being imposed. Such as after 3 false alarmed police responses, a fee must be paid or in some cases may even result in you being struck off the list of alarm systems that will be attended in the event of an alert.


Celius self-monitored CCTV systems will call you directly free of charge with no annual or monthly fees and you will be able to see in real time exactly what is happening on your property without having to attend. Furthermore you will be able to playback recordings of what actually triggered the alert in the first place even if you are away on holiday abroad. If you witness intruders on your property you can make a live announcement over the camera's attached PA loud speaker through your phone in an effort to frighten them off. The other option of course is to call the police yourself directly knowing confidently it isn't a false alarm which will ensure an immediate and swift response!