Vehicle Security Systems

Vehicle Security Systems


If you've ever been the victim of a vehicle break-in and theft you will be fully aware of the devastation it can cause particularly if the vehicle in question is a van or other commercial vehicle.


Workmen need their tools for their livelihood and it isn't always possible to fully load and unload an entire tool kit from a van every morning and every evening of the working week.


You may also have the assumption that van break-ins occur only during the dead of night but this is not always the case. Many van break-ins happen during the working day on job sites where vehicles may be parked either on or off site. Normally in these cases the thefts are not limited to one but several vehicles at the same time which obviously takes longer to carry out.


It's all too familiar for building contractors in particular to return to their vans to discover the entire contents have gone missing despite vehicles being fitted with sophisticated alarms!


With a Celius vehicle security system, intervention and identification of the offender may be possible. Unlike vehicle alarms that regularly go unnoticed when activated the Celius security system will call you directly if anyone gains unauthorised access to your vehicle. Furthermore Celius vehicle systems consist of covert remote accessible CCTV cameras too which means that at any given time you will be able to access the camera's video stream on demand via a smartphone. On activation from an intruder the camera's loud speaker system also becomes active which allows you to announce to your intruder they are being monitored live. This could make all the difference between your offender sticking around to remove all the contents or taking flight empty handed!

Monitored Vehicle Security System