Network IP Camera Systems

Network IP Camera Systems


The most advanced CCTV systems today are Network IP Camera Systems. As the title suggests IP cameras operate over data networks which in itself provides greater versatility and superior image quality over out-dated analogue camera setups. See the range of IP cameras here.


IP cameras have the ability to operate from a single ethernet cable which will provide the necessary data link but will also provide power to the camera reducing the installation time as well as costs. Most HikVision cameras come with onboard storage facilities to enable direct recording to the camera and as these cameras have their own interface and do not rely on a recorder to function you could cost effectively setup a single camera independently of a recorder.


Cameras can be added at any point of your network including extended newtworks in other buildings. Wireless IP Transmission kits can extend these networks over several kilometres provided there is a power supply available and a clear line of sight between the receivers.


All IP camera systems installed by Celius are setup and configured professionally through the router. We do not rely on the limited services of third party cloud servers for convenience at the expense of the client!