Isolated 3G / 4G CCTV Security Systems

Isolated 3G / 4G CCTV Security Systems



Celius provide low cost non-contract 3G/4G fixed public IP data SIM cards for remote isolated locations where installation of a landline may not be a cost effective option or even possible at all. Typical examples of these locations are places like farm buildings, construction sites and out buildings. With a Celius fixed public IP data SIM card, professional setup of several IP cameras is possible via port forwarding through the router. This is the method of which IP cameras are intended to be accessed and is not possible using standard data SIM cards obtained from the big providers.


Celius_Fixed_IP_Data_Sim                       Celius_Fixed_IP_Data_Sim_back


In the video below you will see a Celius installed PTZ Speed Dome, a Vari-focal Dome with built-in CEL-aD1 IP Camera Auto-Dialler and also a fixed lens Mini Bullet IP Camera, all fitted to the top of a site office container on a new-build housing development.

With no landline available to the site, a fast internet data network was provided using a Celius fixed IP 3G/4G data SIM card to provide on demand remote access to the cameras. This particular PTZ camera was programmed to follow a specified patrol pattern between the hours of 5pm and 7.30am with the main focus on the gated site entrance and other vulnerable weak spots in the site's perimeter. The bullet and vari-focal dome cameras were focussed on the site compound where the diesel tank and other high value items were stored.

These installations not only provide additional security to construction sites but also enable officials at head office to physically operate the cameras at any given time to obtain immediate visual progress updates throughout the build program.



Typical Construction Site Package

1x PTZ Camera

1x Vari-focal Bullet/Dome

1x NVR (Network Video Recorder)

1x PIR Detector

1x CEL-aD2 CCTV Alarm Controller

1x 4G Router

1x Fixed public IP 3G/4G Data Sim Card

1x PA Loud Speaker

1x Siren