CEL-aD2 Remote CCTV Security Alarm System

CEL-aD2 Remote CCTV Security Alarm System


The proactive CCTV security alarm system that really can make all the difference














The Celius CEL-aD2 Remote CCTV Security Alarm System offers a much more practical 2 stage approach to security for businesses and residential properties.


Unlike the vast majority of intruder alarms available on the market today, the system's primary focus is on the exterior of the building and can be activated long before any forced entry is even considered rather than after the event itself! The system not only offers protection to a building's perimeter but also covers any vehicles parked within the zones of strategically positioned sensors.


Think about it for a moment, the most widely used alarm systems today activate only "AFTER" forced entry to a building has already occurred! Can you imagine wanting to pull the cord of a parachute after you've already hit the floor? Of course not so why would you consider paying on-going monthly subscription monitoring fees to an alarm receiving centre only for them to call and tell you that it's already too late? Does that make any sense?


"The whole mind set of having an intruder alarm fitted in the first place is to prevent a break-in ever happening to begin with, yet ironically it'll do absolutely nothing until somebody breaks in!"


Our systems are different! They alert "you" directly free of charge via your phone the moment your boundary is trespassed. This allows you to pull up the camera's live view on your phone from any location and intervene by verbally challenging the trespasser directly through the CEL-aD2's built in PA speaker system.


Your live presence alone is the most effective deterrent that any security system can offer, no matter how sophisticated, no matter how expensive, but in addition to this, the system's own alarm siren can be activated on demand at any time from the camera's live view on your phone no matter where you are!


You even have the option to covertly call the police without alerting the offender at all and give the police a real chance of catching them in the act!


It's only in the unlikely event that any of these measures have been avoided will the final stage of the system's protection be activated. Intrusion into the building itself will result in automatic activation of the alarm siren followed by an instant sms text notification to your phone!


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