CEL-aD1-b CCTV Panic Alarm System

CEL-aD1-b CCTV Panic Alarm System



Don't watch helplessly, activate the alarm NOW!











Ever wonder why intruder alarm systems are rarely setup to monitor the outside? The answer is quite simple, external detectors cannot differentiate between friend or foe and would mean the alarm would go off indiscriminately every time someone passed near the sensor. So instead the alarm system waits until forced entry has occurred to be certain the right individual is targeted.


The problem with waiting until forced entry is that by then it’s already too late, the intruder has entered the building knowing they have a set amount of time to go through your property regardless of whether or not the alarm is monitored!


The CEL-aD1-b CCTV Panic Alarm System easily overcomes this problem by sending call notifications to your phone as soon as an external sensor is triggered. It is then up to you to decide if the alarm siren should be set off once you have viewed the live views from your network CCTV cameras. A simple tap on the live view screen from your camera will set off the siren immediately.


It takes more time for an offender to plan a point of entry whilst outside than to actually carry it out and with the alarm bell already sounding an intruder would be far less likely to continue.


For a complete security system the CEL-aD2 CCTV Security Alarm Controller is available with additional features over the CEL-aD1-b such as live interaction via PA speaker and full internal protection see system information here.