About Us

About Us


Celius_OfficeCelius Ltd of Northampton United Kingdom were incorporated in July of 2007 and have been specialising in design and installation of remote access security systems together with network IP camera technology, specifically for mobile phone operation since early 2008.


Our GSM/network communication/alarm systems are designed and developed by us here in the UK to operate and function seamlessly with state of the art professional grade CCTV security surveillance cameras from HikVision.


To give our clients total confidence in our services prior to installation, our fully equipped mobile van demonstrator is able to provide full system demonstrations of the products & services currently available from Celius.


Celius are professional installers of HikVision CCTV security systems and have a wealth of technical knowledge available to pass on to our customers post installation should any difficult frustrating situations arise. Remember it doesn't matter how well you may know the camera or how well you are able to follow instructions. The client's required peripheral equipment will always be different on every installation and no handbook or sole online reseller will ever be a substitute for a real life technician who has gained every day experiences out in the field!

Celius professional installation services cover a wide area including Northamptonshire, London, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and many other counties!