CEL-iN2 (PTZ) GSM Intercom (Gate) / Speed Dome Camera Kit

CEL-iN2 (PTZ) GSM Intercom (Gate) / Speed Dome Camera Kit


The CEL-iN2 (PTZ) GSM Intercom / Speed Dome Camera Kit comprises of the PTZ version of the CEL-iN2 and a HikVision PTZ Speed Dome.

When the call button is pressed the camera automatically pans, tilts then zooms in on the gate entrance to identify the visitor. The CEL-iN2 (PTZ) will hold the camera at this position until the call is terminated after which the camera then returns to its original position. The HikVision DS-2DE7186-AE camera can be installed and setup with a second CEL-iN2 (PTZ) intercom fitted to a different door or gate which can also signal the camera to zoom in on its entrance saving on the number of cameras required. Very useful for multiple gate entrances at a long distances from the main building.


Kit Includes:

  • CEL-iN2 (PTZ) Intercom
  • HikVision Speed Dome IP Camera
  • 32GB SD card for onboard recording
  • 4 Port POE Switch with high power poe port for PTZ camera
  • 100m of outdoor cat5e network cable

Please note, kit requires professional installation by Celius technician



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